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tv   Building Inspection Commission 92315  SFGTV  October 5, 2015 3:00am-5:01am PDT

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smooth as possible really want to say no to this legislation proposed and i really think that this legislation really let our tenants to get our landlord take for example, my backyard is you know that the baseboard it owned by the landlord not owned by the tenants but our tenant is occupied that space and locked up our baseboard and none can
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touch the baseboard again without our agreement and i our real issue is very unfair and unreasonable i hope you guys understand. >> thank you thank you thank you, thank you ms. chung. >> good morning today is >> my name is chain limb a tuesday, september 22, 2015. this is the regular meeting of the abatement appeals board the small property owner i'm i go a license. first item on the agenda is roll call. >> commissioner clinch commissioner mar commissioner mccray commissioner walker and commissioner mar commissioner president melgar is excused next
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item to the oath all parties giving testimony please stand and raise your right hand do you solemnly swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth? to the best of your acknowledge okay. thank you you may be seated the next item >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> as a house to rents i'm a small property owner of san francisco opposed to owners but did not plan to rent out due to the top rent control and the potential risk i'm getting into during the last hearing there
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was a woman if an organization kept mentioning in the landlord doing anything wrong they don't have to be afraid of the reversal this is a joke for all all right in the current situation regardless of the whether the unit is legal or legally they have to pay a huge fee when we want our unit back we don't have a huge income we're average people and we struggled with our high monthly mortgage payment and high prashgz we really dwoo don't have the money to afford lawyers and pay the relocation fee, however, tenants have free lawyers and citation and never
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have anything to lost when it comes down it that especially he's accompany with a fair protection hours four tenants and landlords and include the landlord in our consideration thank you. >> next speaker >> hello supervisors my name is annie chiu a small pertain i'm strongly to oppose supervisor kim bill because this bill is a very unfair to the property owners please do not pass it thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. chu. >> thank you very much. >> two minutes. >> okay our spanish translators
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is leaving in two minutes if there are any more speakers to speak in spanish>> next speaker. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> hello supervisors i'm jeanie
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also the property owner in san francisco i once i rent my housing for a family of four persons and they they earned enough money and buy their house in other places but let's one daughters and that daughters get maturated this year but this daughter we rent our unit at a thousand $300 including taxed that is to note for low for the rents i'm here to against this legislation thank you. >> i'm going to call i know a number of folks have left and some individuals may have spoken
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with the spanish interpreter i'll call the next number of speakers (calling names) i'm sorry, i can't read the handwriting (calling names) this is one card jerry (calling names)
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on the same card john and vivian (calling names) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is my case from the demayor academy on golden gate avenue i'm the contra chief executive officer the coalition of 32 nonprofits ntsz tenderloin and selma who are overseeing ourselves with 3 prongs and one is eviction protection but i want to speak about a couple of numbers at the academy to give you a sense without this particular amendment and that i'm in full support of the eviction crisis is only we had the opportunity seen the beginning of that beerly begin.
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>> excuse me, sir pause the times please one the chambers rules no signs allowed madam clerk can you pick up the clock. >> so we serve 2 hundred and thirty families about half of who more than half live in the tenderloin and selma 90 percent of them live in an annual income 20 percent of the modems income for san francisco that's the poverty lion, however, 95 percent are residents on 26 percent are in permanent affordable housing homes owned by nonprofit corporations last year 3 families moved to richmond and continued to send their children to school in san francisco which is where they rnldz or worked on the bart's train every morning if we think
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the revocation crisis has reached at the time peak unless with an amendment like this it will only get worse i courage your support and send to the full board of supervisors and let them make the decision thanks. >> thank you, sir. >> i do have now and then we're losing our cantonese translator in the next 10 minutes if you need a cantonese translation we'll allow you to skip the line in the meantime nancy pelosi you i want to say when at the said in cantonese what you said in
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cantonese. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon. my name is a andy i'm here to say no on the eviction protection not fair to the property owners it is not easy to be a property owner in san francisco it's kind of hard survive we work hard to survive please vote no. >> thank you, ms. lange. >> good afternoon, supervisors take the opportunity to spoke i'm here to strongly against that amendment i've allowed to say i have enough time to say what i want to you've heard all the people saying against that
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you know i'm hundred percent agree i want to tell you the owner is not their friends not enemies if you pass past that that will hurt a lot of small property owners they're not here today they have to work at this time thank you very much. >> hello supervisors i'm silva on this 74 years old lived in the potrero retire from the postal service i'm going through revocation after 43 years but i'm a good tenant walk want to talk about the bad landlords the landlords my landlord is being suing for san francisco san francisco city and west
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hollywood she brought this up and half the units are empty i live in a 6 united building 3 people are gone and to people under eviction they working we're disabled and we have dust streaming music full blast they don't care about us they took our backyard she took the common health, i lost medication her name is affordable unit can she's been suing city of san francisco and west hollywood i'm inhabits shows accusing me that i sell drugs in the building, i want her to prove it i'm here to support supervisor kim i want to
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thank you supervisor wiener he left hand to asia all of us the tenants from had the time to listen i thank you, supervisor wiener and i thank you, supervisor kim i support your legislation thank you very much thank you, ms. smith. >> one more thing please thank you to accost and the tenants union, to house of rights committee and all the people that helped me in the gay community thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hello supervisors my name my name is chung i as a business
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- i don't want street you live i don't know why she just making crazy policy in san francisco because today, we say amendment to the residential rent is the balance and the owner and the tenants she is just professional more and more froze and more and more building to the owners then the owners they lead to pay more fee subsidies and anymore property tax so if they long to want to continue their house and rent their house out for the tenants they need to pay more fee subsidies more money give one letter for our tenant we need to pay more rents fee
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subsidies so why we just making in san francisco so they can fly to german i didn't but none to help us. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> i'm for the city based on out of the over-the-counter ghost it caused san francisco it's funny i'm here in is where our huh-uh antenna is here and refugees we're awe administering
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and you're the first responders to this we're creating a place for rescues refugees and you're feeling the burden of renovelist those conversations today, i answered a 3 day notice the same notice for the last 4 months of prove of payment having it paid on a timely manner and yet not only are you as landlords feeling the crush but it is sad you are not realizing how great this is for you, you have a bunch of lawyer attorneys that are proceeding on your ambition and seeing fraudulent evictions you're willing to pay and they're willing to lose and you'll have to start over at the end of the day a lot of the conversations we are having ask about protections and that should say something it you the landlords are here complaining about existing protects they're probably cannabis dispensary vent i was glad to help the
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tenants that are proud of the practice you think about what you're facing your facing on unfair business practice this is way beyond housing rights and are you allowing san francisco a practice that is unfair and unright and under our noses loudly fraudulent evictions that's what we see everyday we had a 0 microscope our office could extend is it to fight the laws for evictions thank you. >> hello good afternoon, everyone. right away we're seeing in our office witnessing the deaths of san francisco we have so many cases everyday day to day it is necessary we pass protection 2 housing unit 0 we need to stop the sham evicts we
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need this now tenants should have the right to add a roommate those things we're asking for are reasonable and basic not asking for you know crazy things we're asking for reasonable and basically asks i ask you all to stand by what is right by the heart and soul of san francisco and the woodworking people that san francisco we matter as the board of supervisors your responsibility is to respond to the needs of san franciscans so, please understand the need is clear that is right now a time we need more protects so, please uphold our responsibility and protect the attendants it is about people not profits housing is a human right we need it right now. >> next speaker >> i have a friend to get the projector i'm teresa a u.s. r d
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i writer i had to quiet the job because i don't have $20,000 to replace the tenants only 8 hundred rents a wrongdoing and because the keys was the boyfriend of my old tenants i don't have his credit report and he refused to give me his social security number take a look at the pictures this is on the wall when i asked him to correct the late payment and pay the deposit he got upset brooks the wall and using nail gun to shooting in the room i can't stop him when even though he terrified my family for months my duty was thinking he was making
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earthquake once a while she wouldn't be able to sleep his music was loud he sold wineglasses and if you are a good tenant follow the contract and this is only letting the landlord to close our doors and won't be able to go in our doors again, thank you. >> thank you, ms. wong. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is arnold's blue a tenant in district 8 for many years as has been stated the preservation of existing affordable housing is the most immediate thing to address the urgent affordable housing country's kiss crisis those will preventive thousands of tenants and remain in their
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rent-controlled homes evictions have increased 70 percent in the years this terrible to your knowledge or surgeon has not occurred because of bad tenants there's a growing industry of evictions specialists that look for any polk sues to evict it is scrupulous landlords that are effected by those resemble amendments we shouldn't courage the minor mistakes to evict attendance this year resemble and send this to full board thank you very much. >> hello supervisors aim leslie with the housing ritz rights sf has the hoist evaluated and the highest he renting market splartsz looking to go make a
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windfall we see o costs everyday elderly facing harassments because they have a caregiver and families facing evictions foreign a turtle as a pet and tenants las vegas cans outing outside their door and facing eviction it is time for you to doing everything we can it is your rocket to put the brakes on the eviction crisis landlords have been prioritized? now time to prioritized the vulnerable tenants being ripped under their homes landlord is pleading for you to protect their wealth and grow their investments tenants are living paycheck and no further option it is our duty to protect the homes rather than the wealthy
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backs please passed that is pass in legislation. >> i'll call the next 15 speaker cards (calling names). >> i already spoke but melissa left with a note card for her
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comments. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, members the land use commission you know we been listening to and an unending flood of appeals for sympathy by small landlords someone that may have difficult tenants to make us forgot the other things the lymph glands have ultimate power and certainly good landlords way too many have been using that power to cash in on the gentrification and the wave of speculation in this hot rental market the hottest in the country that is behind the 70 percent surge in evictions san francisco this and
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this is what needs to be addressed first and foremost if displacement is to be stopped in the african-american to be persevered and the hispanic and the seniors and disabled protected from the hoepgsz the way to put an end to fraudulent evictions to reduce or eliminate the motivate more making misuse the owner move in and make sure that tenants are proper language none of those are unreasonable psa those evictions protects and without year limit on vacant control. >> thank you very much. next speaker. and hi, i'm christi here today to oppose the legislation i
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understand that some of you supported this proposition in trying to solve the problem if the bayview but the storage shormg can't improve by conceiving rent control laws it will likely do the option with so many rent controls homeownership that don't rent their house will be doing so fearing once it is rented out they've not have the control of their own property again, i'm share my experience my in-law unit tenants i was stressfully we were trying to refinance the home but the in-law unit tenants were comes up with all kinds of skews that is not let us in the
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house so as a result we did schedule 3 providersers the tenants were excusing to pay them $50,000 to let them in the house i don't understand why should the tenants be able to have to have control of our own property it is our personal property. >> last i'd like to make a one last point as a district supervisor supervisor kim you are you should represent the whole district not a small group of tenants please come up with some rent control with laws that protect everyone thank you.
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>> thank you. >> next speaker. no need to wait. >> good afternoon. i'm sal young i'd like to say no to protection why the homeownership can't stop renting to the tenants who will have criminals in the homeowners let the people stay in their property it is to support the rate they do for they're living those tenants have the security of neighbors and communities why the homeless can't reviews to the 0 tenants are trouble makers it causes trouble to the homeownership e homeowner they sometimes lose
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money in order to deal with them the homeowners under the rent control in the san francisco for example, from the tenants is not pay rents even for months they still have the right to stay or the homeowners have to pay them to send them out in reverse from the homeowners don't pay them for their prompt the family - i hope our city can remember before you indicator the new property for the benefit to the tenants and also to the homeowners please come up with a solution to beneficiary the tenants and the homeowner thank you for the chance to repeat our aspirations thank you.
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>> thank you. >> i'm back again, i'm scott weaver from the san francisco tenants union i want to talk about the additional occupants and i think analysisly look at the balancing test balancing the detriment to the landlords requiring them to allowing them to increase the number of occupants against the public benefit of allowing more on into those units so let's look at what the provision does it allows occupy pans in establishing the local limit of occupancy in housing in san francisco there is thought what is a reasonable amount of
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occupancy for the units it allows the landlords to refuse additional occupants if they have a good reason they don't have to accept the occupant the landlords cannot unreasonable refuse it but if they have a good reason they can it is the way it is written you have to have a good reason so what's the detriment if there are increased costs involved there's a provision 37.43 that allows payment of additional rents no laws are violated the benefits are more and more affordable housing and it is, of course, freedom of association a basic right to privacy that is has been firmed by the courts people should be able to live together
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people who they choose to live with without fear of evictions as long as there is good reason for that. >> thank you, mr. weaver. >> good afternoon, everyone i worked and attend the south of market district as a organizer in selma i met some folks evicted eastbound evicted because of additional family members or changed the roommate i am here to demands to stop revocations and in this city with the most rents tenants this be given reasonable opportunity to add or change a roommate this is tenant should not be revoked for legally the families or apartments the landlords are applying changes that make - an
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example are seniors or persons with skablts being denied to share their apartment with tare caregivers the 2.0 expands the protects to have the owners request romance and give the tenants 10 days notice that is not if not received the lord's permits i urge this protection measure be passed. >> thank you. >> hello supervisors my name is a teresa i'm a residence of selma and an member of soma supervisors we have a big problem this city has created a big divide thousands of evictions they're being fueled by development and there are over a hundred and thirty new developments all over the
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city and many are in selma and landlords looking being so cashing in and abusing the system in turn effect the tenants i went through had ellis act evicts through 4 owners we didn't know the rights in the beginning we are that harassed there has been unprecedented evictions in the parts 3 to 5 years we notice there are less and less filipinos around us many of them have been removed by the new landlords we filipinos have lived in this placed for many decades many generations do you wish us to leave and be replied by wealthy new residents we hope this is not your intention so stop the eviction of filipinos and the rest of the entire community
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here in san francisco please pass this proposed legislation right away thank you. >> before the next speaker comes up i'm going to call the reminding speaker cards i have of i've not called your name, please feel free to line up (calling names) and again those are all the speaker oh, of course, thank you chair cowen i'll called tracey (calling names) i believe jewel chang has spoken of i've not called your name feel free to line up.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors and thanks for having us the filipino communities position is about to be articulated here and i know that all of you are friends of the filipino communities i'm the executive director of west bay filipino we represent the filipino youths and families and seniors we're particularly front yard e.r. interested in this legislation the filipino south of market has been in decline due to evictions and rising property values that legislation will help filipinos stay in their home the south of market that is also considered the filipino heritage zone a filipino heritage zone will be an entry attribute tribute in the meantime the developments in the neighborhoods are mustache ramon and the people are at the mercy of new landowner that want to evict for profit if this
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community cares for the filipino the biggest asian-american 0 populations from the country please productive that filipinos all over the country in the burr are watching how san francisco treats the filipino population thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, everybody supervisors my name is jerry chu this is my father andy i've been raised and lived in san francisco for over 28 years and working and serving san francisco as a field technician i work really hard for 10 hours 6 days and sometimes 7 days a week depending on the weather in order for me to maintain my property and for my family i
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have a year and a half old son my father is a liver cancer survivor and; right have a mentally, disabled brother i own a small home in district 11 for 4 years everyday i work and i visit my lots of customers in san francisco i realize how shortage of houses crisis that we have so since 2005 i've build or built my in-law unit apartment with proper permit in fact, a legal kitchen and cooking facility in the lower basement that is in order to pay up my mortgage loans, my high property tax utilized and plus
3:40 am
homes insurance about 20 months ago i selected bad tenant and he is claiming that everything he can the gas leaks he wants money and with the audience you are housing it give for green light he's not leaving us and want more money and not poignant rents and it is unfair as a small homeowner please consider the audience conversation thank you. >> thank you, mr. chu. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm jay i'm a nursing mom and a hopeless landlord this talks about my current attendance threats my tenants moved in 4 months ago
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and she's violated the rental contract by bring over night guests three to four nights and making noise they failed at a pay the representatives and failed to pay a late rent fee i've been open to talk about the overnight and hope to deal with her in a professional way she said it is my business you don't have any control or power over me i don't have time for you stop e-mailing and texting me at the same time she she texts me everyday i don't know what to do this is the 4 months i don't know how tomanual and file number be a mr. reed's i served
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her a notice in which she made a false acquisition it is on this 4 months very no nodding how to deal with her we're a new immigrant for more than 10 years we know how tenants feel and want to take care of them we are safeway enough money in envelope and boss of the tenants are disabled our rents coffer mortgage with the last tenants like this i don't know how i can for the record to be a landlord my tenants has affected my mental health every time i see my tenants name i'm shaking all the time and remembering everything - >> thank you, thank you for speaking. >> good afternoon supervisor my
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name is j.c. tang. >> ms. chang you've already spoken you can only speak once but submit comments. >> i can't say finish. >> i know everybody got not - you can overwhelm or leave your notes with the committee. >> i see that many people can speak two times. >> none. >> yeah. >> none has spoken a. >> i've been really good about not making sure that everything has spoken if one or two passed by i apologize. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm jewel tammy have a story to share the story is about a man would come to this country in 1971 and lived in the
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city a working immigrant he bought his first house and raised a family of 6 not having a pension when he dbes old is a risk he saved his for a investment property he had to pinch money to survive for the down payment and never took a vacation nevertheless, he took pride in a fixer upper in the working class of excelsior i loved it in a good side of town it doesn't matter if it as working class of many demographic transient folks he loves his neighborhood he rented outs his house to his family and when keeping you informed we reached his elderly in the 80s 3 years ago he realized he needs to rent for some income he did
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he was elated when a family of 3 adults and children want to rent slowly over the years the attendance started to lease the old man talked about their 0 vision the tenants verbally agreed not to do that a year ago a teenager can move in from another country and replied an adult they rewrote a new contract and didn't raise a cents because those are working folks like himself 6 months later the tenants in the building noticed this elderly man she's seen many faces returning around the house and can i see clivenlg climbing the fence. >> making a lot of noise. >> 30 seconds ma'am,
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try to resolve this issue those attendance agreed verbally they'll look for a place to live and months later nothing in the meantime 10 occupant are staying in a nine hundred foot home with kids running around so the elderly served them a thirty day notice the elderly landlords decided to give him a break until christmas is over talk about humanity when the courts date arrived in january, the tenant had their own attorney and asked for 35 house in compensation and months of raised rents. >> i'm sorry your time is up thank you.
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>> hi names a man in a young i'm heard a lot of the audience here one thing i can see unite us the tenants and owners alike it pains me everybody on the grounds you know that world war ii was the babies baby boomers and homeowners and tenants are elderly so homeowners needs to retire just like the attendants so it is times the or 10 years it is natural more people want to retire and get out of the rental market and enjoy their lives that should be encouraged and integrated instead finding
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homeowners have been precedent getting attacked by the legislation so and he can see so i know a few numbers okay. he don't statistic analysis for a living this is a thank you. >> this is a graph from is where he can't very simple okay shows the average events that are changing the first few thoughts were from 90 to 94 reality steady up to 94 the 60 percent dbi and then the numbers got conspirator high and out of control and also the vacancy
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went down over the 60 percent ami so the homeowners were getting the blame for natural - >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm charlie i work on golf foyers for the apartment association the legislation as currently written so far overreach it impacts the day to day operation not just the bad actors but forced to revoked for the benefit of all the residents i want to touch on a few issues i appreciate some amendments have been made first, the ordinance completely discards and renders no forcible cousins causes we'll appreciate and
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support supervisor wiener's with regards to the caregivers and second the ordinance requires that a nuisance is acting teptd at the time the tenants has participated or parties every night but you have to send the notice at 3:00 a.m. and harder to address this this is reducing the quiver for the tenants in the building we also building the ordinance puts owners and attendance for listens in a gray area not able to charge rent and not able to advocate a tenant it has the effect of keeping a tenants in an unsatisfactory life-threatening position we support supervisor cohen's issue lastly the tenderloin housing clinic has made presentation about what a tenants and
3:51 am
landlords rights if more people can raise the rents or change the terms of at the endcy they'll not have the rights we are wondering if a representative is here to clarify because - >> excellent question i'm glad you raised it but unfortunately, no representative from the rent board i don't know why? please. >> next speaker. >> could i san francisco rents is high if to demands more price not due to property owners fault more property owner are hard working people this safe we have please then why we want to share our homes to a stranger to move in now we rent our home and
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can't get them out ever our own or family member please it is fair for all people no time for tenants thank you. > thank you. next speaker, please. >> i strongly oppose is legislation we need to are rent control laws thank you. >> san francisco gray panthers strongly supports the owners to the landowners i ask if there is a few bad apples and cutters laws in place that prevent abuse
3:53 am
or so why this epidemic of bad evictions that are going on now landlords have asking why are there so many laws for the tenants it is basic the landlords opener give them life or death situation he basically relationship of the ownership the tenants have them by the throat everybody has a right to live in places not move awe from tare trust doctors who gives the landlords the right to get rich and how dare the lord's insult those people by calling them low life no profit no housing and profit in evictions.
3:54 am
>> hello, i'm responsive i want to say this housing crisis is outs ever hand sorry every month we've gotten letters of evictions because spoepdz we don't pay our rents we pay our rents on times all the time your landlord has supposedly lost our checks and supposedly we never pay our rents it turns out we sued him and we won because he kashdz those checks without gus to we would have been gone we need help we really do. >> thank you for sharing that>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm health also i live in the admission my entire life.
3:55 am
>> please speak into the micro. >> i've seen the change that pains me all the changes i'm constantly getting evictions and everyday some place is closing up and someone is erected everyday as more evictions we realize what is happening is wrong that's all. >> again, thank you for sharing our story >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> please. good evening supervisors i'm a organizer and in the years 5 years i've seen the housing evictions worse as a council i've seen harassment being sophisticated and landlords evict attendance because they have a daughter that is 14 years
3:56 am
old not long ago a client come in into the office in tears her landlord said to evict our daughter we don't allow sub leasers we don't care how in universe is it okay to ask a motto evict their 14-year-old daughter it is your daughter and job as a motto house them and that is just the tip the i've been the 2.0 closes loopholes that are being used by landlords attorneys that are in the business of eviction they're not not business of housing people or sporting landlord but in the business of evicting people that
3:57 am
is the most important piece of legislation this year and please take the steps to stop thousands of evictions it is necessary and important we hope it will pass the full board and you'll support it there as well thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> ii look the line is dwindling this is the last call for public comment please say so. >> i'm joanne represent the housing providers and am the director the san francisco apartment association we do not support this piece of legislation, however, we support supervisor cowen's one amendment, commissioner lee's 3 amendments as i'd like to mention the previous speaker said that someone couldn't move in a child or keep a child in a
3:58 am
relayed we couldn't owners that anyone can move in a family member as a law when we had it passed from a member of the supervisors i'd like to say this is legislation is not needed there are aspects that are legal and end up going to the court and sue the city you should question yourselves in the eviction problem is getting worse with why hadn't this board and mayor solved it, it is getting worse because of the laws most of the problems in public comment and i've been here for 5 hours 4 hours now listening to everything can be taken care of under current law if i receive city money to do consulting then the burden is on me i'm not courtney my folks the
3:59 am
same for the tenant groups that are receiving city fined they're not doing their jobs in consulting folks love the problems and grinds can be involved in current laws we don't need this piece of legislation. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm susan aim a small property owner and a former landlords although i'm not now i'm here in support this this legislation this is a historical moment in san francisco's history we're seeing a dramatic change in the housing stock and dramatic changes in the population of our city i moved here thirty years ago and san francisco is a unique city in the united states and in the world because of it's diversity because of it's vibrant
4:00 am
commutativeism a gateway for immigrants especially asia and latino america if we don't do something to keep this city affordable for ordinary people we are going to lose it diversity it is happening very replied rapidly the city is working on plans to build for affordable housing but if we don't take the steps to protect all we'll be doing is peddling slpt to stay in the same place i think you all love this city or wouldn't work as hard i know your jobs are hard i'll really, really urge you to please pass this so the board can vote and
4:01 am
help safe the city we all love thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. and good evening board members i'm sarah with the housing rights committee in san francisco i want to take a moment to bring us back why we're here with the tenants you've seen and worked so hard to get to this point to pass this legislation i hope you'll do out of committee it is a very real that tenants, in fact, are being evicted left and right for so-called got you evictions those are trumped up charges the real reason is an n one around reversal the landlords want to empty their units to jack-up the price to make more money that's the only reason to evict and yet couple of with false reaps are everything from a pet to an
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unauthorized tenant to etc., ect we want to protect those tenants so they have a fair process if they're real reasons why a tenant is causing a nuisance or causing damage to the unit we're not taking away the landlords right to evict they need to prove it that's how we do things in the court system in the us is we expect there actual evidence and prove that's all we're asking for when you speak to the roommate it is one the remaining strategies that tenants have to stay in their rental housing 90 in san francisco and again, we are seeing a very significant increase in tenants that are getting evicted because they have roommates it needs to be much easier in the city during the affordable housing crisis
4:03 am
for tenants to be able to have this help in the form of roommates so despite with the department association said this is absolutely - >> thank you (clapping.) no applause thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is joseph event supervisor kim supervisor cohen and supervisor wiener we're all have the same goals to help to protect our goods attendance you doing it in a policy we doing to in a debited level making sure that tenants are is a good place to stay you've horde the horror stories from the invert landlords today allowing tenants to move in others without our approve makes
4:04 am
that a scary situation our children have to live with strangers and also what did you do approval rent increase we'll create an undue burden and rip apart attendants in the building like those like jowling tilly chang the $2,700 a month by water fee subsidies from the attendance when rents is 19 hundred and operational costs would have been a meaningfulless not the 27 hundred water fee they've created the tomatoes have no choice to spend money they don't have to evict exist laws are two this to help the lawyers foreclosure fee subsidies with too much i welcome the amendment from supervisor cowen and supervisor
4:05 am
wiener they are in the right direction we're all wanting to solve problems maybe change the rent board practice and we need negotiation and emotions case by case based on merit not based stays that your tenants versus the landlords and eviction nos and wrongful eviction under those circumstances nos it o notices that breaks my hereto to see that landowner landlord. >> you know you know the rules joseph feign you know the rules thank you, nancy pelosi. >> members the committee with chinatown development center in the san francisco displacement coalition i know that has been a long can i i want to address a few points by the department of the association and others i'll go
4:06 am
in order first off with respect to the rent adjustment we've worked for additional occupants that be is allowed we've worked with the rent board's to make sure that language is going included you'll see that under section on page 4 under leveling ab so this is prerogatives to enable the language to increase the rent increase based on additional occupants that are permitted under the roommate piece of legislation i think were not with respect with the latino legislation has been addressed for example, the situation where the previous testimony with respect to patterns not allowed to move in and a child the problem there is a gap from the gonzales legislation it was the legislation addresses
4:07 am
once a notice the witness you don't have an opportunities to cure the 3 day notice is in place you can't request a pattern or child to be added it is too late under this we ask the 10 day notice to cure we want to under the influrence we strongly believe that we need to have an expanded roommate piece of legislation frankly it is love whether you have a roommate or you want to add a partner we it shouldn't be a requirement you need to get married in order to have our partner move in to a studio apartment. >> in the interest of time i'm george gracie i'm nafrm i
4:08 am
supported in ordinance i'm here to see the argument i think certainly they're not for black people the arguments don't have validity and also concerning the other issues surrounding this i'm not here to tell you your about say we've done the homework so i'm here representing the marginalized the poorest of the poorest the criminalized the homelessness population and displaced and those who are displaced by those bogus rent devices and eviction devices and the communities mom
4:09 am
and pop commerce and also the disproportionate existing housing which is not forcible at all the transgender and underserved population and those populations coming out of the prisons there is no housing for them those are the populations i'm speaking for as i stands so he urge and support your efforts that all you are a doing to make that happen i want to make sure that ordinance goes forward. >> much
4:10 am
who wishes to comment okay public comment is closed. thank you ladies and gentlemen, at this point the matter is back in this committee supervisor kim. >> thank you chair cohen and supervisor wiener for hearing this item i want to recognize all the members of the public that came out to speak on both sides of the aisle both sides of this proposed ordinance i want to add a number of issues from the small property owners are san bruno but the exist law should be protecting you, i don't know if we need to work with our organizations to make sure that we're educating our property owners on the rights around a number of the situations they've presented today, we counter have existing law that protects you in a number of circumstances and maybe additional education work and outreach to make sure that you know how to utilize your rights from the lending i think
4:11 am
this is incredibly important and we have enough stories but demonstrate this legislation is absolutely needed and there is an existing legislation that is protecting the tenants from those frivolous eviction and i said to expresses my supports for supervisor cohen's amend and assuring that in a case we can't make a unit habitable with the legal use can be a reason we don't want to put any of the tenants in danger i also supports supervisor wiener's language on nuisance i thank him for working with the advocates at this time i can't support supervisor wiener's amendment limit roommates to a carr and so so i won't be supporting that amendment today, i'm open to
4:12 am
having a discussion on year limits on the hall of fame o basil_hawkins but that's my position. >> thank you, supervisor kim and ladies and gentlemen, she recapped some of the amendments we heard 4 hours comboo ago i have a couple of remarks i heard a lot of disconcerting stories from tenants we acquit possible need to go back and visit one the service providers on the ground providing services to tenants making sure they have all the information to pass on to the two tenants but sharing little reddish is doing their due diligence and making sure their outreaching for multiple languages and that the outreach is conducted by people that are
4:13 am
culturally competent and combrountd in the community and have a certain level of understanding to whom they're talking about to and about i also where to begin supervisor kim thank you for bringing in other hot topic and to the folks that come out to speak we appreciate you i believe the legislation will help to keep residents in san francisco there's administrations we'll be discussing i made amendments. >> thank you for supporting them supervisor kim i have a few modifications that will help the city to tackle code enforcement issues get less voice in today's hearing this is
4:14 am
important in the bayview and visitacion valley coping property owners accountable to make sure the dwellings are at code standard i know that some of us have difference in opinion on roommates i believe that roments are helping people stay in san francisco i believe that we've got to have safeguards to help to petition the rebdz for utility pass through we refer the right to evict bad tenants we're under an unfortunate space i imagine a handful a small bunch ever landlords are take advantage of this housing crisis and that is what the month has paid attention to that is why we're
4:15 am
here i personally know landlords that are good honorable people and heard from landlords that are good honorable people and unfortunately, we all paying the price for those who are benioff badly the legislation strikes a fair balance and glad do to support it with mainstreams i first would like to take a motion i'm sorry there's no seconds okay. just to everyone knows we are going to take the amendments i've proposed and tale with supervisor wiener's amendments second so is there a motion to accept thank you very much. >> we're anxious to get out of
4:16 am
here supervisor wiener accepted it and madam clerk my academies to the ordinance passes unanimously thank you very much now i'm going to call on supervisor wiener to recap. >> thank you very much park and everyone that came out for the conversation i think whatever side wins on is the the passion and i think how critically important housing is in the city and the stent and depth the country's we're in the you've heard what the causes are or where we should go we're in agreement we're in a crisis i think a couple of things i want to point out and supervisor
4:17 am
cohen alluded to there was discussion about horrible landlords and some problematic tenants i mentioned this at at last hearing there are terrible all right but they're a small minority their problematic tenants and they're also a small minority most landlords and tenants just want to live their lives successful and go about their lives not looking for trouble i think that is important to keep that big picture in mind as we pass legislation we're not targeting to a small group of bad actors. >> looking at the board inspection i think that is important we've heard today some horror stories about action from landlords and tenants and in a number of
4:18 am
situation the conduct i've heard not just today is already illegal i mean this is the most strom egregious example this is so clearly illegal under the existing lay which is why she's been suit by the city attorney's office this is a good thing and we know that that or some of the connecting conduct we've heard from the city where the tenants were doing also seems to be illegal already to we'll have to make sure that in addition to whatever legislation we pass to the allow i law in existence is being enforced and i unfortunately, there are some people who no matter what laws they're demonstrated to violate the law they'll violate the law
4:19 am
we've pass hundred laws with that said, i mentioned i outlined several amendments at the beginning of the hearing i want to proceed with them i guess one by one the first is i think it the most significant making sure we're just tighten the language around the nuisance violations so i did state that amendments at the beginning we've got unanimous support. >> thank you to alled to accompany with that amendment i mepdz up the payment and line numbers at the beginning i want to make sure i'm stating the correct line numbers this is to do with the paragraph on page 9 lines it 2 deletes the lines when the landlords commence it
4:20 am
starts with the tenant and on line 21 in the, comma insert quote the activists are severe or reoccurring in nature comma that's the first amendment i'll move that amendment. >> without observation let me context any discussion on the prototype amendment supervisor wiener is proposing. >> this is on the first thing on. >> page 22 lines. >> so we'll take that without objection. this amendment passes. >> all right. so the second amendment which first of all, i'm not going to based my discussion with mr. collier when he was giving public comment i'm not going to move the caregiver
4:21 am
exception because according to mr. collier that exists under state law and he's been so involved i'm defer not move that i do continue to think that the - i supported flexibility in people having roormentd i'm supportive of what was passed in terms of the allowing family members to move in we have a provision from the roommate leaves the tenant what swap in another member if we not have to azusa of the current definition that is certainly a liability conversation will you to be clear what we have before us today is not that this goes well beyond that and i respectfully disagree with mr. weaver it
4:22 am
eliminations all the ability of the landlord to have any control over sub tenants that come in it eliminates any lease restriction and you can bring under as many suck tenants as what the housing code provides this a major, major major step in terms of eliminating lease provisions liam around the subsidy leasing and eliminating the ability of landlords to have control understood the landlords can go down and receive more rents from sub leases is stroll limited in reality didn't happen so i can't say supports that i minds that this year a lot of reasons like preside wanting to
4:23 am
roommates this goes too far my motion to remove the language on page 8 line 8 extend page 9 line 9. >> okay. that's my motion a roach. >> i'm speak to this and share my thoughts and concerns we've identified earlier in the conversation there are a few bad actors egregious and what concerns me if we give anyone an inch a tiny opportunity they will come in and exploit a situation in the hopes to turnover their units the issue of roommates is really a challenging one it is anyone
4:24 am
one of the most critical pieces of this legislation the majority of landlords will not have an additional one roommate but some a opportunities to recovery the units to get rents i'm afraid in this compliment people do need to move in with family and friends and to help to make their ends meet and to stay and remain in san francisco you know, i agree there are current laws that allow for additional occupants like a family or children i believe that is also to too narrow even though we add a caregiver which some have agreed we should i think we should i don't know it captures everything that is permitted in
4:25 am
a time of the housing crisis we need to give me people options to stay in their home and this legislation also still appraise for the landlord to petition the rebdz for an increase based on the new occupant to begin to recovery or cover the costs of a additional building maintenance facilities costs i believe are reasonable now this may result in in problems tenants are units but landlord will still be allowed to address some of the issues with an eviction and using the fact that everyone can move in as an as accuse to evict a tenants that's where i am not comfortable and not able to
4:26 am
support this. >> one possibility to allow people to add one person period putting aside the family you know that to me would be reasonable but my concern not the flexibility as roommates i understand and people are a lot of needs and to be able to stay in their homes but this goes all the way so if you rent out two bedroom apartment to someone there could be 4 or 5 people had that are living there whether or not the lease or the landlord has accepted it. >> so you're saying put a restriction. >> if there's a middle ground to do it as putting again not passing the family communication t it exists but someone can put one additional roommate in not
4:27 am
their family member and so this would be a way if someone needs a roommate but not going all the way and which is to me is one the concerns i've heard and understand. >> do you want to amend our motion to reflect that i think you might have confines. >> we've hit the middle ground the legislative aide to board president london breed has the right to appeal the additional roommates regardless of the code saying it is unreasonable that can be mediated we should have a number of rooms to be set or trailer we have a building fire code is sets what is the leg number of occupants of a studio
4:28 am
or one or 2, 3, or 4 bedroom based on law and policies and dbi and planning and our housing code and in the legislation it is the lesser of the code for the limits i believe we've hit even though my mind ground on the the roments allowance i agree with supervisor cohen i think at a time like now many attendants are looking for a roommate to help to ease see rental burdens to stay in san francisco i have to say in the last couple of months i see the number of folks legacy the city it is greater than i really seen or observed a couple of months ago and certainly been seeing it as election time we're going out and hitting the voters the number of people from last year is astonishing whatever we can
4:29 am
do to support the residents as long as under the legal building code we shouldn't set arbitrarily by the leases. >> so lemon i'll jump in here for the folks listening at home the rebdz threshold are as follows: a to as a 420th century person maximum and one bedroom 3 and 3, 6 and 4 bedroom an 8 percent maximum. >> that's correct. >> yes. that's correct. >> no, no i'm sorry you've had our chance you had 5 hours supervisors what do you want to
4:30 am
do. >> why not go ahead and voted an up and down vote m could you please call the roll this is for the amendment that supervisor wiener is just introduced arrest the exception and exactly. >> well, the removal of language. >> okay thank you on that motion is from supervisor wiener supervisor kim no supervisor wiener supervisor cohen no. >> two notice nos. >> the final amendment i've outlined at the begin on page 57 lines 5 to 9 the cost to paragraph after blow comma for
4:31 am
the next a years from termination comma to have this time limit and i think this is reasonable given what we're making it consistent with the ellis act and in this situation is it so truly an owner move in when your lived in our units i can accept that. >> i too can support that. >> great that's my motion. >> all right. supervisor wiener motion made it sounds like perry this motion has unanimous supports so that item passes. >> thank you, commissioners i'm going to you support this legislation i'm going to support putting it out of committee with a positive recommendation except for the sub leasing portion which i outlined in any motion
4:32 am
so i'll ask we existed the questions so that and then i'll make a montgomery motion to forward the entire ordinance plus that with a positive recommendation and ask we votes separate. >> no problem before that supervisor kim has reminded me she's got an additional amendments. >> i was reminded by the city attorney i have one meantime? in the substantive it was left ousted a section two a clause between the ordinance so 0 that's my motion. >> okay. thank you. >> we'll take that without objection. >> that motion carries. >> so supervisor wiener is asked we duplicate the foil. >> no divide the question. >> divide the question. >> i'll make a motion to opening it up for public comment everything kipts for the sub
4:33 am
leasing section i've outlined via motion and vote on that separately. >> can we take that motion we'll take that without objection. colleagues i don't think that is a motion. >> thank you for the correction. >> john gibner do we need to hold this in committee. >> no with the amendments that are adapted you don't need to you can send it all out in terms of dividing the question on this two separate vows one those roommate and the second on ever chiropractor order. >> thanks for the clarification so the first one on roommate. >> why not the first i'll move
4:34 am
to forward the rest of the ordinance plus the roommate i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation right we'll take that without objection. that passes >> on the reminder does someone else have to make that motion how does that work. >> exactly this is the fit i've seen this in committee the question is usually on the floor you want someone to make the motion. >> supervisor kim. >> i'll make a motion to move forward the roommate portion on 7 or 9. >> panning 8 and 9 line 6 through page 9 line 17 and with a positive recommendation i think that is page 8 line 8 through page 9 -
4:35 am
>> line 17 18 is the nuisance oh. >> okay. your right. >> yes. you're right. >> supervisor kim. >> i'll i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> right roll call vote please. >> on that motion. >> supervisor kim supervisor wiener no supervisor cowen two i's one no. >> thank you. the that motion carries thank you, colleagues and thanks for moving this outs i look forward to seeing everyone last thank you. do leave we have 5 more items on the agendas (laughter) i'm sorry what did you say all
4:36 am
right. ladies and gentlemen, this meeting is adjourned. >> you scared me -
4:37 am
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4:46 am
>> when you show up to vote auto our local polling place everything is running smoothly but a lot of details involved in running a polling place your may have a few workers with appear to be our or on their own what happens if if the polling place is not open on time are a
4:47 am
machinery doesn't function who can they your honor, to for help those poll workers have a large support structure managed plths the department of elections let looking at behind the screens and running hundreds of polling place is made and smooth and seam also as possible. >> before a polling place opens on 7 handsomely on election day did needs support supplies the delivery trucks garnet and vice presidents warehouses to load of the equipment and supplies before we set up to vote there be that a scanner once again you scan it will tell you okay. >> oogs trucks deliver deny 3 hundred and 80 and 5 hundred 86 polling place depending on the
4:48 am
nature of the elections and right now, we're loading the delivery trucks those trucks contain all the equipment that pat polling place needs for voters open election day voter booth and election materials and most important voting equipment those pause contain the presync pacific their scanned and verified as their loaded into the trucks. >> the scanner that they're using will be used before that comes on the lift date gate. >> because those voting machines handle powell equipment it is important they go on the correct truck. >> once again do push the benefits get the gate back down this driver knows that's the order that expects it that way
4:49 am
we we can't deliver those machines to the wrong place they've not work on to ballot and he'll have to pull from his right that's as the the optical scanning and system. >> 7604. >> 76 a 4. >> every time we move a vetting components is tracks it's location and handling system. >> a week before election day 7 to 10 trucks roll out to deliver the powell packaged to the polls around the city. >> hello department the elections dropping off the powell equipment and. >> using the scanning manager an employee checks off to make sure they have they're voting equipment and supplies on election day what happens in a
4:50 am
powell worker delivers the door locked at the polling place? >> on election day the rather sedata city hall cafe is a beehive of the activity teams work to settle issues that may arise in the field. >> this is the election center and wall the election center essentially a bank we i put together and on election day the poll workers call in on a procedure or parolee issues and the calls or the polling place is locked often enough the polling place are late. >> the poll dispatch team comprised of 60 to 80 employers are ready to be snatched to any polling place with missing or
4:51 am
possible sick workers and there are procedural issues how to complete the roster or a machine jammed it said interand it will reject it; right? >> you call them and a representative on the other ends what's the issue take down our issue and get people to help you with the issues they resolve and one of the issue is recognized into the database it routes the issue to the phone bank and list on the jeep in the category. >> the phone bank swings into the action and the steps to deal with the issue until it's resolved. >> it is a transparent process the public looked at the issues we're dealing with throughout
4:52 am
the day starting at 6 o'clock in the morning what. >> what happens in an edge print wouldn't work or a machine malfunction the colorado base company applies the materials runs a phone bank at the election center and trains and stages 20 to thirty technicians throughout the city on election day the fielder support team tackles the issue they help the poll worker over the phone. >> oh, yeah. >> or they get a field election deputy or fed to retaining respond out not field. >> before each election the field election deputies learn the skills to support 7 to 10 powell placed in the field. >> this is a copy of the material in the fed binder those
4:53 am
are coworkers do have. >> they receive special training to trouble shot. >> people on election day there's also a big support team for every single one of you. >> then the fed checks in to their mar make sure they're available to deal with issues. >> i want to confirm that is locked which it is and our edge is fully set up. >> some questions we resolve easily over the phone and some with the deputies each field deputy has his or her on coordinator in the election center if correspondent gives the advice and informs home sharer of they're specific polling place that needs assistance. >> the fields election deputies
4:54 am
with the extension of the people in the field and on the grounds with infrastructure research and ballots. >> your ballots a 5 part ballot. >> their taking care of the final details we can't while we're in the election center. >> the the fields deputy or fed's are issued a cell phone and check list to follow. >> they'll get a list of tasks to complete throughout the day. >> one example of the task between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. the fed's should make sure the polls are open and drop off the supplemental ballets and over completed the fed indicates by checking the box. >> and as the fed's check each
4:55 am
polling place with that smart phone applications the relatives are track work back at the election center there is realtime account of polling place. >> the correspondent is able to access the fed court tool it lists the fed's team and all the tasks the fte is in favor of completing as the fed checks off picking up they're bags and dropping off ballets and transfers the fed's quotient seize in realtime as the tasks are checked off by the fed's and this allows the fed correspondent to track in realtime all the fed's work in the field. >> perhaps things are going smoothly out at your polling place. >> those are the blaults.
4:56 am
>> the fed's checked in and a all is well. >> this is the precinct. >> there the city more contract with the department of the election back and city hall proactively checking in with the polling place throughout election day. >> the voters turn out call serve that group of 10 coworkers is calling outline polling place to see how many voters. >> my name is joshua josh is this 33718 percent i'm calling to get the numbers on the front of our machine. >> navigation to the overall turn out we are concerned with how many ballots into the sight machine. >> the last time as a member. >> that information is into a
4:57 am
database it is visual at the election center that the voter turnout hits a 24rer8dz showing sight think outside the box that full they notify the deputy then the field election deputy and a deputy sheriff go to the polling place for a transfer from the sight think outside the box so voting can continue when the polls close poll workers account for the ballots the roster of voters the memory pack from the inside machine and others edge printer with the report those are the results of the polling place and need to be transferred r transported safety to the election they can count on the parole officer to take custody of the ballots and roster and edge printer and finally they confirm their
4:58 am
polling place are secured after a long day in the days following the trucks that deliver the machines will once again be dispatched all over san francisco picking up the machines and packaged for deliver to the warehouse for unpca and storage the next time your that he appealing palace look at the poll workers you may actually see the teams of people and systems and technology that stand behind the poll workers to make you're voting experience as
4:59 am
5:00 am